CyberAware - CyberSecurity Training Program

CyberAware - CyberSecurity Training Program
  • 4 In-Person Training Sessions Per Year

  • Unlimited Access To Training Videos With Progress Tracking

  • Unlimited Email Phishing Security Tests

  • Email Phish Test Reporting

  • Customized For Your Business

As long as $4.83 per day

What is the best defense against cyber-attacks on your business?

Can you identify a threat?

Do your employees know how to react to a threat?

Training your staff how to identify the threat & how to react to the threat is key

You see daily reports in the media of businesses breached by cybercriminals. The results can be catastrophic to the victims. Loss of data, loss of reputation, & huge ransoms can spell the end for many small/medium businesses. An employee unintentionally clicking on the wrong link or opening a bad attachment can bring your business to a screeching halt.
Northwest Communications offers software and hardware solutions to help thwart these attacks, but something was missing.
Then it hit us! It’s all about education!
  • Users have to know what red flags to watch for
  • Teach them why it is important to have strong passwords
  • Show them the telltale signs of a phishing email
Northwest Communications has developed a cost-effective program that will provide training & testing customized to fit your specific needs. It includes 4 in-person training sessions, unlimited access to training videos & reporting on how your employees are progressing.
Topics such as:
Ransomware, Strong Passwords, Social Engineering, Mobile Device Security, CEO Fraud, Email Spoofing, Basics of Credit Card Security, Safe Web Browsing, Social Media Best Practices, and much more!


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